How Do You Create a Sustainable Landscape in Colorado Springs, CO? Hardscape & Plant Material Selection & More

What is the meaning of the term ‘sustainable landscaping’? There are many definitions but sustainable landscaping should generally include an attractive environment in balance with the local climate that requires minimal resource inputs, such as water, fertilizer, pesticides, gasoline and time etc. As with any landscape, sustainable landscaping begins with an appropriate design that includes…

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How Do I Convert My Yard to Xeriscape in Colorado Springs, CO? Know Plant Zones, Remove Grass & More

There are many benefits to switching your landscape design over to xeriscape. Enough so, that more and more homeowners are making the shift. Some of the benefits include savings on your water bill, more sustainability, decreased yard maintenance, increased soil health as well as a healthy landscape and ecosystem for local wildlife. Sundown Landscaping &…

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How Does Landscaping Add Property Value in Colorado Springs, CO? Curb Appeal, Price Advantage & More

If you have paid attention to channels like HGTV or read articles about home value and what you can do to boost yours, you have surely heard the term curb appeal used many times. That’s because it plays an important role in the value and salability of your home. The fact of the matter is…

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