Cristine N

March 3, 2021

I hired Sundown to redo failing retaining walls on a back yard that was more steep than it is long and wide. They took a slope that would be given a black diamond rating if snow covered and transformed it into a terraced design that allows for three useful usable areas. But that’s not what is the most impressive. I’m also an absentee homeowner (yay army life…) and throughout the multi-step process, Jacob emailed me regular progress photos from the day they started work, through the entire process, and the completion of each step – walls, fence, irrigation, stairs, everything. He kept me updated on design snags and circumstances and options to deal with them that needed to be decided on as they went. This job is worth every penny of the $37K spent to make an awesome yard. My tenants are currently enjoying it, but I look forward to moving back home and lounging on my lawn. In 2 years I’ll redo the front yard, and I won’t bother asking around, I’ll be calling Sundown. The scope of this job was so huge, I fully expect them to add it to their website portfolio. I’m super impressed; other companies gave me estimates for the same job that were nearly double.

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