Trudy S

March 3, 2021

Bob and his crew are the real deal…..period. I’ve made numerous improvements to my old house in the last 4 years (since I’ve lived here) and there has ALWAYS ended up being an issue. I’m speaking of both home renovation and at least four ‘landscaping’ or ‘yard work’ companies. Inevitably, SOMETHING goes wrong and it’s usually me getting half-assed work. It’s not BECAUSE something didn’t go right that is upsetting…..we all know things don’t always ‘go right’….but it’s the way in which whatever went wrong was handled afterwards that is distressing. NOT the case with Sundown! They showed up on time (which was shocking to begin with! I called on them after the prior company I’d hired was over an hour late….without calling…..TWICE!! So, to be on time is very much appreciated) They work so well as a team…..they communicate/collaborate/cooperate and do it with a smile. They’re also friendly….seemingly HAPPY people! How refreshing in today’s angry world. I wish I’d written down the names of the guys that did this job…..I’d name you! You know who you are though…..THANK YOU!! I can’t recommend this company enough. I will most certainly be calling on them next year when it’s time to tackle my back yard. If you want your belief in work with an honest company restored….and need work done in your yard… on Bob and his crew!! Two of my neighbors called me to rave about how great my yard looks….and they weren’t even finished yet! They were calling to say how impressed they were at how hard working they seemed to be!! If THAT doesn’t tell ya’ something…..I don’t know what would!! (Granted, they could’ve been calling because my yard looked SO bad that ANY improvement would be noted…..LOL….but, I don’t think that’s the case. My yard most certainly wasn’t the worst!)
THANK YOU, Bob and crew!!

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