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Importance of Landscape and Lawn Winter Watering
Colorado Springs is located in a semi-arid environment and averages only 16 inches of precipitation annually. The three inches of moisture that accumulates from November through February is not enough to keep plant roots moist and healthy.

The problem is not the cold winter, but rather a combination of low humidity, intense winter sun, fluctuating temperatures, and desiccating winds. To minimize “winterkill,” deep-water your lawns, perennials, trees and shrubs throughout the fall and winter months.

The general rule for winter watering is: if we do not receive any appreciable snowcover, remember to water once or twice a month in the mornings on warmer days. South or west exposures and newly established turf or plants are especially susceptible to winterkill and may require watering several times a month.

A good winter watering regime will maintain healthier plants in the Colorado Springs area.

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