Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the art of arranging and modifying the features of a landscape for aesthetic and/or practical practical purposes. Landscape architecture is a design profession which combines art, science, and technology in order to bring meaningful and thoughtful change to the natural and built environment.

The practice applies research, planning, design, and management. Sundown Landscaping & Irrigation applies these elements in every landscape design that we create. Years of expertise go into the final design and landscape installation.

Our landscape architect, Bob Meldon has over 30 years experience in the Colorado Springs area in landscape architecture and land planning.

Good landscape architecture and design does more than just come up with a vision. It gives careful consideration to the uniqueness of the area.

Good landscape designs generally add value to a homeowners property. In fact, experts say that with good landscape design, the value of a particular property can increase by as much as 25%. No wonder almost 20 million American households utilize landscaping services for their properties. 97% of real estate agents recommend landscaping as a top 5 home improvement.

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