Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape is not just a garden, but a system that includes water preservation, low water use plants, efficient watering systems, and stunning hardscape elements.

Water preservation is being stressed throughout the Southwest and Colorado. So the term Xeriscape is a widely recognized term. However, Xeriscape has actually been misconstrued by many. For example, some believe Xeriscape means having a rock yard with maybe a few boulders, or a yard of just mulch. But with proper landscape design, a xeriscaped yard can be beautiful and lush.

Vivid plants as well as rich foliage are not normally thought of to explain Xeriscaping, yet that is precisely what you can certainly achieve following these xeriscape concepts:

Effective Landscape Design & Architecture. Do a site analysis keeping in mind sun exposure, incline, views, and also soil types. When designing the layout include your walkways, patios, focal points, and planting based on your project evaluation.
Evaluate soil and improve where needed. Common Colorado soils often have heavy clay and a greater pH level. Treating your soil with compost or peat moss to lighten up the clay are methods to enhance water absorption.
Create Practical Lawn Areas. Lawn can be practical for high traffic areas. Design your yard to fit your way of living. Take into consideration alternate lawns to typical bluegrass, such as fescue, buffalo grass, blue grama, and native seed mixes.
Usage suitable plants organized in accordance with water demands. Plant low water plants together on separate watering zones aside from high water plants. This will conserve water, and the plants will thrive.
A properly designed irrigation system will water your yard efficiently. Do not adhere to a fixed schedule when sprinkling; readjust your system as often as needed or seasonally. Layout turf areas separately from planting beds. Drip systems are efficient for trees, shrubs, as well as perennials because of the slow water output, which decreases runoff and improves soil absorption.
Use Mulch to minimize water evaporation and control weeds. Mulches are beneficial for lowering evaporation by covering the soil to manage temperature level extremes, lowering weed development, and slowing soil erosion.
Maintain your landscape. Regular, proper trimming, weeding, pruning, aeration, fertilizing and irrigation adjustments are the most effective methods to achieve maximum water savings and reduce your water bill.

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